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Reliable Sealed Unit Replacements in Saanichton, BC

When you need reliable sealed unit replacement in Saanichton, BC, trust Clearlite Glass BC Ltd. Whether you are dealing with broken or fogged double-pane windows and doors or failed seals, our team can efficiently replace them with a new insulated glass and save you the hassle and cost of replacing the entire window or door frame. 

With us, you get to choose from a great selection of products and receive professional installation. Let go of your old window panes for insulated glass units that will not only keep cold out in winter and heat in summer but also help you save on your energy bills by preventing the inside air from escaping out. Give us a call to book your service today.

Why Choose Insulated Glass

Although annealed glass is a straightforward choice, certain situations call for more protection against outside weather. This is when sealed and insulated glass becomes a smarter choice for both homeowners and businesses. The insulated glass panels have a sleek design and are an energy-efficient alternative composed of dual-pane, intermediately-glazed glass. 

Energy Efficiency

Insulated or sealed units are a great choice for multi-story commercial buildings where energy conservation is a priority. These glasses can effectively help regulate the temperature indoors and function as a great sound barrier.


When it comes to the safety of your indoor spaces, insulated glass works wonderfully on windows and glass doors that are at higher risk of breaking due to collision. The tempered coating and great strength of these sealed units reduce the chances of injury or damage due to broken glass. When any object collides with the sealed glass pane, the glass shatters into small pieces instead of scattering in the form of big glass shards with sharp edges. This makes the broken glass pieces less hazardous and easier to clean.

Trust Us for Sealed Unit Replacements

Clearlite Glass BC Ltd has got you covered in Victoria and surrounding areas for fogged, failed sealed or broken sealed unit replacements. In every replacement project, we begin with window inspection and take accurate measurements to ascertain the exact shape, size, and thickness of the new insulated glass needed. We also offer various glass styles such as clear, patterned, and acid-etched to meet your aesthetic requirements. Let us help you find the right style of double pane glass that offers the look you want.

Have Broken or Fogged Glass?

Get your double pane window and door glass replaced by our experienced glass technicians.

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