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Custom Glass Showers in Saanichton, BC

Are you looking to replace your old shower doors or curtains? Perhaps you want a bespoke enclosure to set up your steam or sauna room. Clearlite Glass BC Ltd is your destination to get budget-friendly, easy-to-maintain glass showers in Saanichton, BC. Our glass shower enclosures can virtually expand your bathroom space while adding to its elegant visuals.

From frameless to semi-frameless enclosures, our professional installers ensure that every glass shower enclosure is secure and watertight. We carry heavy glass showers having 10-12 mm of clear or patterned tempered glass in a range of finishes to meet your privacy and aesthetic expectations. We stock glasses of varying sizes to accommodate any custom setup and design request for both residential and commercial spaces. Give us a call to book your consultation today.

The Many Reasons to Choose Glass Showers

Glass showers are not just stylish but practical too. These sturdy enclosures safeguard the integrity of your walls and your privacy while staying faithful to you for a long time. Here is a round-up of common benefits our customers enjoy when they get a glass shower enclosure from Clearlite Glass BC Ltd:

Glass Allows More Light to Enter

Unlike shower curtains, glass shower enclosures don’t obstruct the flow of light inside your bathroom. This would greatly ease the morning routine activities, like shaving, that you do when showering.

Clear Glass Makes Your Bathroom Look Larger

By letting go of your old fixtures or curtains for an enclosed glass shower, you would be surprised to see how spacious your bathroom feels. While a closed shower curtain restricts your sightlines, glass lets you view more of your bathroom space. This is a great advantage if you have a small bathroom.

Glass Surface Is Easy to Clean

Cleaning your shower curtains is quite a challenge, so much so that many skip this chore. With glass showers, you can easily spray some cleaner and wipe down the surface. This allows you to ensure optimal hygiene in your bathroom and home.

Glass Enclosures Helps Prevent Mould

Having a glass enclosure surrounding your shower area keeps water splashes contained, thereby preventing mould and mildew problems or water damage to your walls and floors.

Why Choose Clearlite Glass BC Ltd

In every glass installation project, Clearlite Glass BC Ltd ensures that we meet customers’ expectations through precise customization, flawless installation, and impeccable product quality. You can also depend on us to provide you with replacement and repair services in Victoria and surrounding areas. Whether you are most interested in the aesthetics or efficiency of your new glass enclosure, our experts can come up with the perfect custom-cut glass shower solution for you.

Glass Shower for Every Bath

Choose from our range of glass styles and designs to achieve your dream bath space.

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