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Invincible Fire-rated Glass in Saanichton, BC

Most businesses in Victoria and surrounding areas are required to meet local fire regulations. To this end, Clearlite Glass BC Ltd offers fire-rated glass in Saanichton, BC, and the areas nearby. You can depend on our team to install fire-resistant glass solutions for your windows, doors and other applications. These glasses are proven to ensure ultimate protection of life and property and are customized to lend aesthetic and functional qualities characteristic of your standard glass fixtures.

If you need help determining what areas of your property must be equipped with fire-rated glasses, our professionals can help you with an assessment. Give us a call to book a visit today.

Why Fire-rated Glass?

When fire breaks out in any area of the property, the first priority is to quickly and safely evacuate everyone from the building. Given that it is a time of emergency, having your doors and windows equipped with fire-rated glass gives people more time to exit safely. Depending on the rating, these glasses can create a barrier of resistance against the spread of fire and smoke and can stall the spread of fire for 20 minutes to 3 hours.

Prevent Damage and Injury

The internal lining, which covers a large surface area inside the building, can produce a great amount of combustion heat when ablaze. This accelerates the spread of fire. Windows and doors having fire-rated glasses can withstand high temperatures without shattering, thereby preventing damage and injury.

Stop or Delay the Spread of Fire

Fire-rated glass restricts the fire from getting out of control right away. At the same time, the glass material remains intact despite being exposed to high temperatures and water from the sprinkler system.

Protect the Nearby Buildings from the Impact of Fire

The exterior walls of offices and commercial buildings must be able to contain the flames, thus reducing the chance of nearby buildings catching flames. However, if any windows on these walls don’t have fire-rated glass, know that they are unprotected and are in violation of the fire safety codes.

Make Evacuation Routes Safer

The building architecture regulations require you to follow strict safety guidelines with respect to fire hazards. Hence, installing fire-rated windows along your emergency escape routes, like exit stairways, fire escapes, and other areas, will ensure safety and code compliance.

Trust Us to Install Fire-rated Glasses

For over 25 years, Clearlite Glass BC Ltd has been serving the glass needs of Victoria and surrounding areas with a focus on safety, environmentally-friendly products, and dedicated customer service. If you want to protect your school, hospital, banking institution, parking areas or any other commercial space with fire-rated glasses, trust our installers to offer professional, cost-effective solutions. We have fire-resistant glasses with ratings ranging from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. We stand behind every installation project completed by our team and guarantee your satisfaction.

Fire-rated Glass for Windows and Doors

Get an estimate on your fire-rated glass installation project.

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