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High-Performing Automatic Door Operators in Saanichton, BC

The modern automatic entrance solutions can help you make entry and exit points to your apartment building or store convenient and easily accessible for everyone. If you are planning to upgrade to automatic door operators in Saanichton, BC, look no further than Clearlite Glass BC Ltd.

We work with a variety of door brands and offer energy-efficient and high-performing solutions that offer you years of function and convenience. Our factory-trained installers can handle all phases of your door installation project, including cabling, and can also help you replace your traditional doors. Give us a call to book your consultation today.

Why Go Automatic?

The benefits of automatic doors are too good and too many to be ignored. By making the entrance and exit points more secure and efficiently accessible, you make your business easy to reach for your customers. Some of the benefits that come with automatic door operators include:

Disability Compliance

For most apartment buildings and commercial stores, it is mandatory to make the structure, especially the entrance, accessible for the disabled. Even if it is not binding on your industry, having your entrance and exit points easily accessible will help you build a positive customer experience at your retail store, restaurant or office building.

Energy Savings

The biggest hassle with traditional doors is that they are often left open, making the heated or cooled air escape outside. On the other hand, automatic doors are smart enough to open and shut on their own. As a result, your HVAC systems don’t have to work continuously to keep your indoors comfortably cool or warm.


With traditional doors and swing doors, getting caught in the doors is very likely, which raises safety concerns. People, especially the elderly and children, can get injured when trying to enter or exit the building. With an automatic door, you can put this worry to rest.

Faster Movements

It is important to let people in and out of your facility efficiently, especially ones that receive heavy foot traffic. Queues or chokepoints at the entrance are not only inconvenient but also discouraging for your visitors as they may want to avoid visiting your building. With automatic doors, all of this can be prevented.

Let Us Help You Upgrade to Automatic Doors

Discover your options for going automatic with Clearlite Glass BC Ltd. We are providing impeccable automatic door operators and flawless installation services for facilities of all types and sizes in Victoria and surrounding areas. Our automatic door solutions allow you to select from a variety of options, and we accommodate customizations to ensure that the door fits your space perfectly.

Get Your Automatic Door Today

Replace your traditional doors with our customized automatic doors.

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