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Highly Durable All-glass Handrails in Saanichton, BC

Don’t want your railings to obstruct your spectacular view off of the balcony? Replace them with our highly durable, sophisticated all-glass handrails in Saanichton, BC. At Clearlite Glass BC Ltd, our handrails come with no aluminum framing and are customized to fit all suitable application areas, including the stairway, terrace, balcony, deck, porch, pool, and walkways.

Our sleek and sophisticated glass material provides an excellent barrier and adds an eye-catching appeal to your high-end home or commercial space. With our professionals by your side, you can expect quality, safety, and accuracy at every step of your railing installation project. Give us a call to find the perfect railing you have always wanted.

Why Choose All-glass Handrails

One of the main reasons why homeowners gravitate toward glass railings is that it allows them to enjoy a great vantage point from any space it surrounds, unlike other railing types. The clear, transparent glass with no high aluminum framing ensures that no material is limiting your sightlines. In addition to this, some other benefits that come with all-glass railings include:

High-end Look

Among all the railing types on the market, glass railings add the most modern, high-end look to any space. Custom glass railing designs can be put together with aluminum posts. You can also go for etched, frosted, or tinted glass designs to match your decor.


If you are unsure about the finished look of your deck, balcony, or any other space, glass railing could be the way to go. Whether etched, tinted, opaque or clear, glass panels have a practically invisible appearance. This makes glass work well with all kinds of designs. They look great with all different metals and complement the flooring materials without disrupting the overall look of your space.


Our all-glass handrails are made of thick tempered glass to easily withstand everyday stressors and harsh weather conditions. Thanks to their sturdy performance, glass railings are a very low-maintenance option for property owners.

Get Your Handrails Installed by Our Professionals

Ready to take your balcony, deck, or stairs from boring to brilliant? Clearlite Glass BC Ltd installs frameless glass railings that fit any interior and exterior design you want in Victoria and surrounding areas. Work with our professional installers to give your spaces an airy feel with no visual obstructions. We use modern equipment to deliver fast and accurate customization of your handrails as well as offer repair and replacement services. 

Go with Glass Railings

From design to installation, trust us to install the perfect glass railings for you.

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